InBody Composition Analysis

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How do you measure success?

In 60 seconds Measure body fat, muscle mass and water levels in less than a minute.

No estimations, Age and gender is not used to make assumptions about your body composition measurement.

Trusted by top sporting teams, Utilised by top sports people and elite fitness facilities around the world.

What is an InBody Test?

It examines your body composition including fat percentage, total body water, protein and minerals, muscle distribution… the list goes on. Gain a thorough understanding of your body and allows us to set goals based off more than just your weight on a scale.

How to book your InBody Composition Analysis:

  • One off booking through the online shop or at reception

  • Scan Packs can be purchased online or at reception

  • Scans are included with our Lifestyle Membership

  • We also do special pricing for Group Corporate Scans